Who Are We?

RDS Online supplies a wide range of equipment that is constantly expanding to accommodate a growing and increasing customer base. We have a wide variety of cabinets suitable for shop or retail outlets. We have plenty of different styles for you to choose, from Revolving display cabinets to Wooden Cabinets. But, if you don’t see what you want here on our online shop we can make Bespoke Cabinets to your exact requirements.

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With 25 Years Of Experience, you know we can get the job done. But Why Choose Us?

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About Us

Display Cabinets and Glass Display Cabinets

At RDS Online, We specialise in manufacturing and supplying Display Cabinets and Glass display cabinets for displaying Jewellery, Vapes, Electronic Cigarettes, Trophies and Action figures. Our Showcases are predominantly for shops and retail displays however we do also supply home users.




Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets are the perfect way to display valuable objects, they will enhance the environment for every item that is displayed within them, Take for example the 2012 London Olympic torches, they have been displayed in cabinets, this is because the cabinets supplied by RDSonline were dust proof and minimalist so not distracting from the Olympic Torches, other items that are perfect to display in a cabinet are Sideshow Statues, Trophies, Fine Jewellery and Watches and other prized possessions! 

Display cabinets have been a great way for shop owners to display their merchandise and show off their products this is because of the latest lighting technology, durability,  security and versatility a glass display cabinet offers. at RDSonline we combine all of these key aspects into all our cabinets but more so for the bespoke display cabinets we made for Argos and Raymond Weil Watches. If you contact us you can speak to our display experts who will advise you the best display cabinet to suit your needs.

We focus on making the product look it’s best and being the talking point for any space, The display cabinets are made to be more in keeping with their surroundings. By doing this, most retailers such as Vape and Jewellery shops will see an improvement in awareness of their products which can ultimately lead to more revenue for the stores!

Here at RDSonline we have an Extensive Range of Display cabinets for all display items therefore It’s important to consider the location of where you would like to put your new display cabinet, This will then help you determine what type of glass cabinet you’d like, some options to consider are Wall mounted Display cabinets, Frameless Display cabinets, Wooden Display cabinets and there are many other display cabinets in our range.

It’s no coincidence that we are the UK’s Number 1 supplier by choice of Retail Display Cabinets. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then we can most like make a Bespoke display cabinet to suit your needs. We’re passionate about  displaying your products in their best light!