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  • Why RDS Glass Display Cabinets Are Perfect For Vape Shops

    With vaping quickly overtaking traditional cigarette smoking as a safer alternative, vape shops are popping up throughout the UK and around the world. And while each shop is different, they all have the same vaping equipment and accessories including the vapes themselves, vaping liquids, batteries and more. With so many vaping products, supplies and accessories, the need for glass display cabinets becomes very clear.

    For a vape shop, or any retail shop for that matter, to be successful, they have to sell their products. And the best way to do that is to display them in an attractive, easy to view manner which enables customers to see the many different products that are available and interact with each one. To do this, vape shop owners need to contact RDS and purchase customised glass display cabinets that are suitable for their shop and that will enable them to display their products in an attractive manner.

    Modern LED Lighting

    Glass display cabinets don’t just display your vape accessories, they highlight them with custom designed LED lighting. Did you know that the right lighting can actually help you convert sales? Different items require different lighting and companies like RDS offer a wide range of glass and aluminium display cabinets and counter displays that feature modern LED lighting.


    Glass display cabinets from Rockingham Display Shop also provide a higher level of security for your products. Vape shops have a wide range of products and most of those products are pocket-sized. That makes them easy targets for thieves. Displaying your products in a glass display cabinet from Rockingham Display Shop will ensure that your customers can see what your vape shop has to offer and that the high end items will be kept secure inside a locked cabinet.


    Displaying your vaping equipment and supplies in a glass, wood or aluminium display case from Rockingham Display Shop is convenient as every product in your shop is in display and easily accessible by customers or staff. Making it easier for your customers to buy your products will ensure more sales and higher profits.

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    To learn more about the high quality glass display cabinets available at RDS Online, contact the display cabinets experts at Rockingham Display Shop and shop their selection of frameless display cabinets, countertop display cabinets and trophy cabinets today!

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