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How To Display/Merchandise Your Products To Sell More Products

Retail display cabinets are designed to drive attention and increase conversions. Sight, hearing, smell and touch are crucial components in convincing consumers to spend their money to purchase your products. If you are looking  for ways to inspire your customers to purchase more products when they shop in your store, keep reading for some useful tips to help you do just that!

Ways To Display/Merchandise Your Products To Sell More Products:

Make Retail Displays More Immersive- by immersing your customers in a particular setting or environment, it’s possible to make a lasting impression on them. Displays should be attractive, while being simple and straightforward. When designing retail display cabinets, you don’t have to try hard to make them look fancy. Just focus on creating a strong theme. Make sure that all of the components are compatible and in line with the main theme of your store and products. The sales experience can be more immersive and compelling if you use fewer fixtures and put less products in the display.

Encourage People To Touch- one of the main reasons why people still shop in physical stores is that they can touch and feel the items. Choose open retail display cabinets and shelving that encourage people to touch the sample products. If it’s difficult for people to interact with the product, you might miss the chance of connecting with potential buyers. Display products should be included in the marketing costs and they are not meant as the actual sales units. So, take a few products out of their packaging and put them permanently on the retail displays.

Cross Merchandise- with cross-merchandising, you can increase average order values and basket sizes. It can also increase product discovery and encourage shoppers to check complementing items. As an example, you might feature jewellery in one display counter and accessories in another. You can cross merchandise these items by placing a couple of accessories in the jewellery display counter, and some jewellery in the accessories display cabinet.

Use Portable Displays- if you have a smaller store, it’s a good idea to choose portable retail displays. It’s much easier to move them around and you can rearrange the store much more easily depending on present requirements. The key is to ensure people focus on high-impact products in the store.

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