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RDS Online supplies a wide range of equipment that is constantly expanding to accommodate a growing and increasing customer base. We have a wide variety of cabinets suitable for shop or retail outlets. We have plenty of different styles for you to choose, from Revolving display cabinets to Wooden Cabinets. But, if you don’t see what you want here on our online shop we can make Bespoke Cabinets to your exact requirements.

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With 25 Years Of Experience, you know we can get the job done. But Why Choose Us?

High End Quality Products

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2 Year Warranty and Superior Service

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What Makes RDSonline Number 1 In The UK?

If you are considering new display cabinets for your retail business, corporate lobby or office, keep reading and see why RDS is the number 1 supplier of high quality, beautifully designed display cabinets in the UK. In fact, more UK business owners choose RDS Online for their quality, selection and value than any other display cabinet manufacturer. What’s more, RDS also offers an exclusive bespoke cabinet manufacture service that enables their customers to find a custom tailored solution to their display cabinet needs.

Let’s take a look now at some of the reasons RDS is number 1 in the UK for high quality display cabinets:

Same Day Dispatch If You Order Before 1pm- if you place your order before 1:00 PM, it will be dispatched that very day to ensure that it arrives quickly right to your doorstep!

Quality Products, Affordable Prices- RDS offers only the highest quality products available made to exacting standards with the best materials, finishes and hardware. Not only are RDS cabinets the best, they are also the most affordable. Their competitive pricing means that anyone can afford custom tailored cabinets from the best cabinet manufacture in the UK.

2 Year Warranty On Majority Of Our Products- just about every product RDS offers comes with an exclusive 2 year warranty. That means if you have any problems with the quality or functionality of the cabinet, RDS will make it right!

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers: RDSonline sells only high quality, premium display cabinets and that is why they have thousands of satisfied customers. When you deliver a high quality product at an affordable price, you are going to have happy customers and that is the mission of RDSonline

The Number One Cabinet Manufacturer And Retailer In The UK

Here’s another reason that RDSonline is the number one cabinet manufacturer and retailer in the UK: they care about their reputation. By offering the largest selection of beautifully designed, premium display cabinets, each with a wide range of customisable options, they have built a reputation based on trust and on providing their customers with the best the industry has to offer.

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To learn more about the high quality display cabinets available at RDS Online, contact the display cabinets experts at Rockingham Display Shop and shop their selection of frameless display cabinets, countertop display cabinets and trophy Glass cabinets today!

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