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  • Reception Display Cabinets For Awards - How Displaying Awards Gives Good Impressions To New Clients

    You work hard to make your business successful and so does your team. In fact, your business has won awards for how good you are at what you do. Taking care of your clients, providing quality service and support, even meeting seemingly impossible sales goals are all the result of hard work and dedication.

    So why not show off those awards by displaying them in your reception area? This can not only create a positive first impression, but it will also show off your commitment and dedication to potential clients and investors which can help increase business growth and sustainability.

    High Quality, Beautifully Designed Display Cases

    Don’t show off your hard-earned achievements in a substandard display cabinet or on a dusty old shelf, choose a reception display cabinet from Rockingham Display Shop and get quality and appearance you can count on.

    One of the best ways to showcase your awards and trophies is by choosing trophy cabinets that take up very little space in your reception area but that look well-built and beautifully designed. Corner cabinets can make use of an empty corners and they take very little space while providing a wide range of uses. From displaying your company’s achievement awards, to showing off your company’s innovative products and more, a glass display case that fits neatly in a corner of your reception area can add a positive appearance that always make a great first impression.

    Space Saving Wall Cabinets

    Another solution to your glass display cabinets needs is to choose wall cabinets as these take up no floor space and can display your trophies, awards and other mementos at eye level where they are sure to be seen.

    Whichever type of display case you choose, you want to be sure that it is constructed of high quality, high strength materials and that the glass is an ultra-clear, low-iron glass which can help reduce glare and give people a clear view of what’s inside.

    Contact Rockingham Display Shop Today!

    To learn more about how to decide which cabinet is suitable for displaying ornaments in your shop, contact the display cabinets experts at Rockingham Display Shop and shop their selection of jewellery display cabinets, vape display cabinets and trophy cabinets today!

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  • Display Cabinets For Ornaments- How To Decide Which Cabinet Is Suitable For Displaying Ornaments In Your Shop

    Displaying decorative holiday ornaments in your shop can be challenging, you want to keep them safe, out of reach for little hands and show off their colour and sparkle so they’re more appealing to your customers. With the holiday season almost upon us, this is even more important as customers will be looking for new and unique holiday ornaments for their homes.

    Deciding which cabinet is suitable for displaying ornaments in your shop is easy when you follow some simple guidelines. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can decide which display cabinet design is best for you.

    Interior Design

    The first factor to consider when choosing a glass display case for your ornaments is the design of the back of the display cabinet. A mirrored back will make it easier to clean as you won’t have to move the cabinet (which can be heavy) to clean the rear glass. Choosing a cabinet with a painted back brings ornaments to life and places focus onto the beauty and colour of each one. Also consider the material used on the outside of your display cabinets. Ultra-clear low-iron glass is available and it can reduce the glare caused by shop lighting enabling your customers to truly see the beauty of your ornaments.

    Shelf Strength

    Another factor to consider is the strength of the material used for the display cabinet shelving. Don’t choose an inexpensive, poorly made glass display cabinet as it will age quickly and the shelves could collapse causing damage to your products. Strong shelves can future-proof a cabinet and high quality display cabinets should be able to hold around 23.7 kg per shelf.


    Security is another important aspect of any high quality display case. Display cases that include high end locks can help keep the cabinet from being opened by anyone other than your staff, preventing both breakage and theft.

    Cabinet Size

    Now that we have a cabinet that is high quality, secure and that highlights your ornaments, we need to consider size. Too large a cabinet, and you will lose valuable retail space in your shop. Too small, and you won’t be able to display all of the ornaments you have available. Instead, choose display cabinets that suit your space and that have adjustable shelving. This ensures that you can fit any size ornament and you can adjust the cabinet to your liking. You should also consider wall cabinets as they take up no floor space and can provide an easy-to-view display solution.

    Contact Rockingham Display Shop Today

    To learn more about how to decide which cabinet is suitable for displaying ornaments in your shop, contact the display cabinets experts at Rockingham Display Shop and shop their selection of jewellery display cabinets, vape display cabinets and trophy cabinets today!

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  • Watch Display Cabinet Specialists

    Have you ever noticed that when you enter a jewellery or high end watch retail shop, that everything suddenly looks more beautiful and certain pieces seem to sparkle just enough to catch your eye?

    While it is always fun to think that this illusion is the actual jewellery itself creating this magical luster, it is actually the lighting inside the jewellery and watch display cabinets that make everything look so inviting.

    By choosing a watch display cabinet specialist for your display cabinet needs, you can be assured of getting a high quality, premium looking display cabinet designed to suit your needs and the needs of your shop. Why is this so important? Let’s take a look:

    Dramatic Lighting

    Lighting can have a dramatic effect on anything, especially watches and other metallic or reflective items. It makes the presentation much more spectacular and it can increase sales. In fact, studies have shown that lighted watch cabinets sell more products than cabinets or display stands that are unlit.

    Ease of Use

    Another benefit of a watch display cabinet is that they are much easier to use than typical display stands. Instead of reaching deep inside the display, which can be very difficult on a 600mm deep cabinet, you can quickly and easily slide out the drawer and have access to every timepiece inside. This can also make your shop look more professional as high quality display cabinets give the impression that your shop is more upscale and that you are more knowledgeable about the products you sell.

    Quality Materials    

    What your display cabinet is made of is just as important as how it makes your products appear and how easy it is to use. Flimsy, inexpensive display cabinets can deteriorate over frequent use leaving them looking cheap and broken. High quality frameless glass display cabinets add a luxurious look to any shop as well as giving your products a premium appearance that can boost customer confidence.

    Not all glass display cases are created the same. High end display cases use low-iron glass to help reduce the amount of glare from the shop lights ensuring that when your customers look inside the cabinet, all they see is the sparkle and glow of your products.

    To learn more about how high quality jewellery display cabinets can give your shop, and your products, a more premium appearance, contact the display cabinets experts at Rockingham Display Shop today!

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  • Improving The Look Of Your Small Retail Shop

    Small retail shops, such as jewellery and vape shops often need special attention to improve the appearance of their store’s interior. While clothing stores, shoe shops and other retailers that sell larger items have a much wider range of display options available to them, others do not. Shops that offer small goods such as jewellery and vaping supplies need specialised display cabinets designed to protect their products while enabling the customer to view the products without actually handling them with the retailer present.

    This can create some unique challenges when trying to display their products in an attractive and attention getting manner. Everything from lighting and colour schemes, to display cabinet design and security become factors and store owners have to find an effective solution to their product display needs. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can improve the look of your small retail shop and present your products in a way that will make your customers want to buy them.

    Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Small Retail Shop

    Lighting- have you ever noticed that the jewellery in most premium jewellery stores seem to sparkle more? This is because of the lighting the retailer uses both in the ceiling and in the display cases. Specialised lighting can make your products appear much more expensive and luxurious than they really are and it can help create more sales.

    Colour Schemes- certain colours make us feel more relaxed than others and adding these colours to your retail shop will enable your customers to shop freely and feel more relaxed which can lead to more sales. From the colours of your walls and carpet, to the colour scheme used in your display cabinets, using the right combination of colours can give your retail shop a more upscale and professional look while making your products look better in the process.

    Display Cabinets And Showcases- the display cabinets you choose for your retail shop are important. Whether you are a jeweller, a vaping product retailer or you sell other small goods in your retail shop, choosing the right display cabinet can accent the look of your products, give your retail shop a professional look and provide security for the products inside the display cabinet.

    Cabinets are made to stand out not blend in. Choose a premium display cabinet for your shop that features pullout drawers, hinged or sliding doors, LED lighting and a secure locking mechanism. These professional touches can make a difference in customer confidence and can increase your sales enabling your business to grow.

    To learn more about improving the look of your retail shop using premium display cabinets, contact RDS and shop their incredible selection of jewellery glass display cabinets and showcases today!

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  • Post Brexit, the Value Of Commercial Properties In The UK Have Plunged

    As per the new reports, value of commercial property in the UK did notice a huge drop by billions in 2016. This happened quite soon after the results came out where vote to the leave the European Union was announced.

    As per the recent reports from The Property Industry Alliance’s (PIA), the overall commercial value of the properties in the UK, out of which retail accounts for 38 per cent, has plunged in 2016 by 4.6 per cent. This means the drop is from £926 billion to £883 billion.

    Commercial property in the UK comprises of about 13 per cent of the value of all buildings in the UK. It also marks about 10 per cent of the total net worth. This colossal plummet was noticed especially after the result of Brexit was announced.

    Bill Hughes the chairman of PIA stated that despite the huge drop, the industry of commercial property in the UK did mark a vital part of UK’s economy.

  • Format of Mini Store Extended By Habitat after Noticing Positive Feedback

    Habitat has recently notified about starting to rollout its mini store format. By November this format will extend inside four of Sainsbury’s supermarkets. It has been set as a trail in six of its locations and it did experience a great positive feedback.

    The furniture manufacturer is all set to start its store in Newcastle, York, London and Newcastle. Once it has been set, it will start rolling out its mini format Newcastle in all of its operation. All of them comprises of a blend of stores-within-stores and standalone stores.

    Just as the present set of mini stores, the new ones would take about 2000sq ft. its edited range would comprise of 600 products. The items here would be with upholstery, furniture, textile, lighting and homeware.

    Now, even consumers are getting the opportunity to shop from its website. This would be made easy through the iPad and store digital screens.

  • At New Look 390 Jobs Get Axed

    At New Look, the fast fashion retailer, 360 jobs have been axed. Even though a lot of efforts were being taken to balance out levels of junior and senior staffs, it seems to not work enough.

    As seen from the prospective of a greater redundancy consultation, about 390 deputy store managers, 1000 of the retailers and 19,000 staff members along with sales managers have been released.

    It has been stated that about 430 staffs have been so far been retained. On the other hand, 100 have quit the business because of the turnover. Furthermore, about 20 of them opted for a deferred redundancy. However, in the near future they too would get dismissed.

    Regardless of the high number of loss of jobs, New Look is all set to hire about 250 more staff members. It is doing so because it wants to rebalance entire setting.

  • Crucial reasons why retailers should heed attention towards ‘on-demand”

    As the rate of e-commerce rises drastically and there is shift in the focus of customer’s attention, the UK retail sector will be soon experiencing a crunch phase. The setting is getting ever more aggressive with the UK retailers feeling the pressure to keep up with online giants. But one way that will help to get better is to go with the “on-demand” services. This way, consumers get the choice to get their purchases, right on the day they place an order. At times, they would get their product after a few minutes or within a few hours.

    On demand service will not only work for food sector

    When people usually think of delivery services, such as on-demand ones, they think of food. The spectrum is not bigger and greater. The same-day delivery in Britain is about £550m. This rate keeps growing by 5% every year.

     ‘Generation Now’ customers will stay here for a long time

    Also, online-only and traditional retailers are doing it all to draw the attention of the present generation. They have grown with net age and want access to everything quickly. This is why speed is something they really pay attention to.

  • Next Day Delivery- the First Choice of Online Shoppers

    Majority of online shoppers preferred next day delivery, but research conducted by Ampersand, an ecommerce agency, reveals that close to 18% of the retailers fell short in regards to offering satisfactory returns as well as delivery options.

     Another survey conducted online by YouGuv indicated that almost 52% UK consumers preferred next-day delivery even if it was offered at an additional price.

     In comparison to a similar research conducted by Ampersand in May 2014 reveals the number of consumers preferring same day delivery has halved from 21% to 12% whereas there is an increase in those preferring next-day delivery from 46% to 52%. However, if the delivery charges are £5 or more, consumers are reluctant.

     Sunglass Hut, Apple and Jimmy Choo are 3 of the 5 retailers that offer free delivery while next-day delivery services of Diesel and Harrods is most expensive.

     Surprisingly, many retailers offer click-and-collect services, but only 18% consumers prefer it.



  • In 2 Years Online Spending Via Card Increases By 28%

    Data reveals a greater than a quarter rise in online retail transactions in the past 2 years. The figure for online card spending was £154 billion last year, accounting to approximately £422 million per day. This displayed a 28% increase since 2014, when the figure was £120 billion.

     These statistics also reveal that compared to other countries the UK spends more online per household, with 2015 figures for the UK, Norway, the US and Australia being $5900, $5400, $4500 and $4000 respectively.

     Shopping for entertainment topped the purchase list of online card shopping making it 26% of all card shopping. Additionally, online travel bookings accounted for 40% percent of the booking, with flight booking topping the list. Spending on clothing, concert tickets along with spending on theater, concert and dance made up for majority of online card spending.

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