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RDS Online supplies a wide range of equipment that is constantly expanding to accommodate a growing and increasing customer base. We have a wide variety of cabinets suitable for shop or retail outlets. We have plenty of different styles for you to choose, from Revolving display cabinets to Wooden Cabinets. But, if you don’t see what you want here on our online shop we can make Bespoke Cabinets to your exact requirements.

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  • 7 Year Low for Retail Sales in the UK

    Retails sales hit a 7 year low for the first quarter of the year, owing to the rising cost of living that adversely affected the disposable income of citizens.

    The ONS (Office for National Statistics) noted a decline of 1.4% in sales over a period of 3 months, the lowest since 2013. The reason has been attributed to overall price increase across all sectors, without any single sector being responsible.

    A marginal increase in sales was seen in clothing, footwear and textile sectors whereas on the other hand, fuel and household goods sales witnessed the largest decrease in sales.

    The rise in manufacturing costs and subsequently in everyday goods prices has negatively affected sales and all this is the impact of the Brexit referendum.

    The initial surge in spending post Brexit ended abruptly with stagnant pay growth, no growth in employment, although unemployment remains low.

    All this is a sign of expected economic slowdown in the UK.

  • Cafes, Leisure Outlets Nudge Fashion Retailers off the High Street

    The British high street is evolving with a number of experience and leisure outlets, like takeaways, health clubs, jewelers and vaping shops, taking up the space once occupied by bank branches and fashion chains. Continue reading

  • Decline In Retail Of Physical Entertainment

    originalThe last quarter witnessed an overall decline in the physical entertainment market even though Switch by Nintendo saw a 0.5% increase in sales of physical games. This is due to a 5 and 13 percent decline in sales of music and video as physical entertainment. Continue reading

  • Inflation Continues To Be Steady in March

    Hot-Sun-Warm-ClimateThe drop in the cost of petrol, by 1%, and air fares, by 22.9%, balanced out the rising cost of food and clothing, thus maintaining the same inflation rate of 2.3% in March as that in February. Continue reading

  • As The Increase Of Wage Limits, 4000 Jobs Are No More Now

    bad-weather-9387This academic year, 4000 retail workers vanish from their jobs as the rise of wages. The Financial Times have revealed that, around 3700 retail jobs are no more now as the retail shops are about to introduce automated services instead manual. Continue reading

  • The Sales Of Online Grows Endlessly, Nevertheless, With A Blur

    ipad shoppingThe recently released sales figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index shows that, the online sales of UK have been increased in February. But still, some symptoms were encountered as the reason for the decline of online sales. Continue reading

  • UK – The Famous Place For Retailer Development

    The UK has been honored as the most familiar place for the retailers that look to inflate their in-store's existence in Africa, Europe and the Middle East this year. The global property advisor CBRE has conducted a research and it was found that, about 65% of retailers have chosen UK to increase their store presence. Continue reading

  • The Connection Between Childhood Obesity And Retailers

    9381098-largeThe Commons Health Committee has published a report a few days before. In that report, it was found that, the last year’s childhood obesity was discussed. The report has put a question to all the retailers that, are they the reason for childhood obesity. By hearing this, the retailers might be in shock. But they have joined hands for the promotion of unhealthy products, which they cannot refuse. The Public Health England has released a statement now, which states that consumption of sugar in soft drinks and chocolates should be reduced. Continue reading

  • What Could Be The Future Of Luxury Goods In Online Markets?

    gucci-vintage-bag1The highest court of Europe has initiated a case. And the case is whether or not it is good to allow the retailers to sell the luxury products through online markets like eBay and Amazon. The maker of the US beauty products Coty Inc wants to put a retailer in a hold from selling luxury products via online. The luxury products company feels that, they have the rights to choose the retailer to sell or promote their products. They feel that choosing the best company on the market can enhance their products’ reputation and sale. Continue reading

  • The Unveiling Of Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+

    samsung-logoVery recently, Samsung has launched its Galaxy S8 and S8+. The company has unveiled these two new smartphone brands on the same day, which has surprised the smartphone lovers. And what was more surprising the looks and screen display of the brand new Galaxy phones. Continue reading

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