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Hotel Chocolat Brings Positive News For The Chocolate Industry

chocolatThe UK's most loved chocolate brand, Hotel Chocolat just pulled a big feat. It revealed flotation of whopping 167m pounds. This is good news not just for Hotel Chocolat but for all chocolate brands and chocolate lovers in this region.

Future Plans

Hotel Chocolat revealed that it plans to raise about 55m pounds by the month of March. In the past, this chocolate giant rejected plans of organizations to buy stake in its business. Currently, the co-founders own about 66.6% of this brand. This has enabled them in being in control of the decisions of Hotel Chocolat. The flotation plans have turned to be a boon for the co-founders. Successful floatation will be an indication of the growing interest of investors in this brand. As Hotel Chocolat grows bigger, more and more people will be interested in it. These are good signs for the chocolate giant.

Clouds Of Uncertainty

As the UK goes through a political turmoil, many people had expected the floatation to be affected by the current political situation. However, Hotel Chocolat surpassed these problems to give impressive results. Investors have shown tremendous interest in this chocolate brand. As more people are interested in eating delicious chocolates, the future looks bright for Hotel Chocolat despite the current situation. This can be understood from the way the floatation turned out for the brand. In the coming months, Hotel Chocolat will do better in their business due to the backing of the investors. Currently, the chocolate brand owns about 84 stores and employs about 1,200 people.

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